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Household Moving Schedule

Start your planning at least 4 – 5 weeks before your move, sooner it’s better.

4-5 Weeks Before Your Move

* Look around and decide which of your belonging are moving to your new location and which not.
* Decide which household articles you need the moving company to pack for you and which you can pack by yourself.
* Make a list of the household goods that you are going to send with the moving company.
* Now it's time to find a good moving company.
* Check about the moving insurance that the moving company provides you.
* Make your travel arrangements.
* Close or transfer all your accounts to your new location.
* Check if you need to notify someone before your move.
* Start to pack the items that you can pack by yourself. Start to pack your household goods with the items that your won’t need until after your move.
* Clean all the items before you pack them in the moving box.
* Make all arrangements for pet’s or plants transport.
* Make all arrangement for your car transport.
* Arrange your belonging and put all the items that you can not send with moving companies on the side.

1-2 Days Before Your Move

* Make sure that everything is ready for your upcoming move except items that you still need to use before you are moving.
* Finish all your personal moving arrangements.
* Confirm with the moving company the date and time of your move.

Move Date

* You need to sign the moving contract. Read the contract before you sign it and ask the movers to explain you the meaning of the moving contract.
* Show the movers what they need to do.
* Make your own inventory list and make sure that the movers have the same list of items on their inventory list.
* Make sure that you have one copy of the contract and copy of the inventory pages.
* Check your house and make sure that all your household goods are on the moving truck.
* Do not forget to give the movers all your contact information.

Delivery Date

* Decide before the movers arrive where you want your belonging to be placed in your new house/apartment.
* Be prepare with your inventory sheet, copy of the contract and with the inventory sheet that the movers gave you.
* At the time that the movers arrive show them where you want your household goods to be placed. At the end of the move check that you have received everything.

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