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Moving Estimate

Giving you an idea for the cost of your move. Moving companies are not required to provide moving estimate to their customers. The moving Estimate is for you.

There Are Two Types Of Moving Estimates:

* Moving estimate by phone
* On-site moving estimate

Moving Estimate By Phone Includes:

Binding Moving Estimate
The binding moving estimate provided by writing from the moving company before your move. Binding moving estimate includes list of item’s with their total weight and with total estimated price for the move. The binding moving estimate based on the list of items that you provide to the moving company by the phone.

Moving Tip - Recommendation
Give the movers by phone a detailed list of all the item’s that you are planning to send with the moving company. Any ways don’t give a list that includes fewer items then you really have. Some moving companies charge more for additional items and some times the moving companies reserve space in their moving truck for your estimated move size only.

Non-Binding Moving Estimate
Non binding estimate is an estimate that provided by the moving company to give you a general idea for the size and the cost of your move.

On-Site Moving Estimate
A representative of the moving company will come to your property to see the actual items that you are planning to move. The estimate will be based on the information that the representative of the moving company will provide.

Calculation Of Cubic Foot And Weight:
1 cubic foot is about 7 pounds. Example - you have four moving boxes of 2.5 that are taking a space of 10 cubic foot the weight of those moving boxes is going to be around 70 pounds.

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